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Community Tissue Services
Community Tissue Services
  • 12,500sf of Class 100 and 10,000 Cleanroom
  • Included walkable ceiling, 2'' honeycomb panel, expoxy flooring and sliding doors
  • Value: $3,725,000
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Community Tissue Services
  • 55,000sf of Cleanroom/Dryroom
  • All rooms were ISO Class 6 cleanrooms with a -40C dewpoint
  • Value: $14,500,000
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Johnson Controls Inc.
  • 40,000 sf of cleanroom/dryroom
  • Plenum supply and return, new desiccant units, make up air units and sensible cooling coils
  • Value: $11,000,000
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Matrix, Modular Cleanrooms
Collagen Matrix
  • 10,000 sf of renovation for pharmaceutical R&D
  • 6,600sf of cleanroom space
  • 400sf of laboratory space
  • Value: $3,900,000
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Millipore Mobius II
Millipore Mobius II
  • 10,000 SF of Class 10,000 cleanroom for medical device manufacturing
  • New steel rooftop platform to support for system
  • Value: $2,600,000
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With over 35 years of experience, Hodess Construction Corporation is known as a leader in advanced technology and cleanroom construction across the eastern United States. We at Hodess Construction, design and build cleanrooms for industries such as Nanotechnology, Defense, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies. Hodess also has experience when it comes to Dry Rooms and Lithium Ion Battery Dry Rooms.

HCC's Owner and President, Blake Hodess, was featured on 21st Century Business, which aired on Fox Business Network on Sept. 7, 2013.


A cleanroom is an environment that is designed, built and operated to provide cleanliness, control and/or isolation for certain processes. Cleanrooms are commonly used in manufacturing and research and development in fields such as NanotechnologyDefense, Microelectronics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Device Industries, as well as many others. Many industries have recently discovered the benefit and need for cleanrooms for their specific processes. The purpose of a cleanroom is to protect the product or the process from contamination, to restrict access to the product or process and to contain any hazards located in the cleanroom. Cleanroom Image Cleanrooms have little to no contamination, which is anything that could corrupt the process or make the product impure. Contamination in a cleanroom is defined by a specified number of certain size particles per cubic foot of air. The particle size measured in cleanrooms are typically 0.5 microns (µm) or larger in diameter. For perspective, a human hair is 60 -80 microns wide and outside air has about 35,000,000 0.5µm and larger sized particles sized per cubic foot of air. READ MORE


Cleanrooms are classified by their cleanliness level, which are: class 1 (ISO 3), Class10 (ISO 4), Class 100 (ISO5), Class 1000 (ISO 6), Class 10,000 (ISO 7) and Class 100,000 (ISO 8). What these classes represent is the level of measured contamination from 1 particle at .5µm per cubic foot of air to 100,000 particles at .5µm per cubic foot of air. Cleanrooms are built with smooth, hard and easily cleanable surfaces to minimize contamination. Materials such as walls, ceilings and floor systems are all designed to minimize internal particulate. Temperature control, humidity control, static control, sound and light levels are all critical factors when creating a cleanroom. The way air enters, is filtered, circulates and leaves a cleanroom is most important. Outside air is filtered to exclude particulates, and the air inside is constantly circulated through High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors (HEPA) and/or Ultra Low Particulate Arrestors (ULPA), to remove internally generated contaminants. People are the largest particle producer in a cleanroom and many precautions are made to protect the product. Personnel enter and leave cleanrooms first through gowning rooms, then often through airlocks. They wear protective clothing such as coveralls, hairnets, facemasks, booties and gloves. Materials and equipment are next in line as generators of contamination, which limits what they can be made out of when used in a cleanroom. READ MORE


Hodess Construction Corp. is a general contractor with the expertise and know-how to design and build your perfect cleanroom. When you need a cleanroom you need to hire an expert who understands design, construction and protocol. We at Hodess are cleanroom specialists who can provide both design/build (Turnkey) and plan and specification cleanrooms. Cleanroom Image We are also able to provide other cleanroom solutions, including modular cleanrooms, stick-built cleanrooms, stick-built modular cleanrooms and ISO Class 2 through ISO Class 8 cleanrooms. We also are experienced with pharmaceutical cleanrooms, as well as, dryrooms, clean dryrooms, and battery rooms. Hodess can provide white rooms, environmentally controlled spaces including BSL 1, BSL 2, BSL 3 and BSL 4 labs. We have built cleanrooms for General Electric, Millipore Corporation, Amgen, National Semiconductor, R.F. Micro Devices, Digital Equipment Corporation and many more. READ MORE