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For those processes that do not require certified cleanrooms, clean environments are typically created with air flows and cleanliness levels above class 100,000.  These rooms are sometimes called white rooms and involve creation of clean space with non particulating surfaces similar to a cleanroom but with typically reduced air flow and filtration requirements.  Some products which have been manufactured in a warehouse environment such as plastic molding injections for food and drug enclosures, plastic extrusions for medical device and many others items, have moved towards clean environment and white rooms for their processes

The clean environments and white rooms tend to reduce defect rate and surface contamination without adding excessive capital costs.  The cleanliness level typically does not have to be greater as the defect rate will not be affected to go even cleaner.  Because of the nature of today’s business', suppliers  furnishing products to pharmaceutical, biotech and other companies find themselves having the cleanliness levels increased on their manufacturing processes from where they were years ago. This is so that the customer that they supply to, can provide a verifiably clean product to its customer.

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