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Design/Build (Turnkey) Cleanrooms

Cleanroom construction and design is typically considered a specialty trade. HCC can provide complete turn key cleanroom design and build services. Starting with pre-construction services of analyzing the program requirements, helping determine the level of cleanliness required, type of cleanroom that is most cost effective and will meet the requirements of the project, the types of materials for the construction and the types of systems to be integrated in the construction. HCC takes this information and analyzes the variables of the cleanrooms required for the process and establishes a base line program for review with the customer.

Once the customer and HCC have agreed on the program and that the program will meet the requirements of the process to be done in the cleanroom, HCC progresses to 30% design stage and establishes a guaranteed maximum price as well as schedule for the project. The design is reviewed with each customer and approved, then HCC proceeds to a 60% design phase. Design is reviewed again then HCC proceeds to 100% construction and documentation. HCC has the ability to provide stamped documents, code analysis, structural design and all services required for the complete installation of a cleanroom from simple modular free standing cleanroom in open space to complicated integrations, structural modifications of existing buildings as well as existing mechanical systems.

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