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Modular Cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms have been used in many industries for the past 30-years. Modular components such as walls systems started out as modifications to office partition type systems such as the steel Donn wall system and progressed to specific systems for various industries and cleanliness levels. Modular ceiling systems have progressed from grid to modular panels to modular plenums and from dry seal to gel seal and spring loaded grids. Modular components also progressed for raised access floor for class 100, class 10 and class 1 cleanrooms where air flow is required to be totally laminar through the process.

A complete modular cleanroom is typically built with the walls as a modular system, a plenum supported by the modular walls, ceiling system supported by the plenum cap, and fan filters driving air through the modular cleanroom. Modular cleanrooms can be applied to both small and large facilities. The cost effectiveness to modular cleanrooms varies depending on the type of facility and the magnitude of space in which the modular cleanroom is applied. Modular cleanrooms typically provide a more standardized packages, modular components tend to cost more than stick built but save on field installation labor.

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