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Stick-Built Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms started out in the early days to all be stick-built. Aside from today’s modular components such as wall systems, ceiling systems and floors, cleanrooms were built using standard building materials. In todays market many larger cleanrooms and class 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 cleanrooms are still stick built using predominately standard building components. Drywall partitions with epoxied paint surfaces are adequate in many cases for the cleanliness levels from class 1000 to class 100,000. Ceiling systems of steel and aluminum using gasketed grid and non shedding tiles are also sufficient in many of these cases

Stick-built cleanrooms have an advantage in some cases over modular cleanrooms in their ability to be used over a large square foot area at very economical prices. Stick-built cleanrooms can also have the exterior walls double as fire rated partitions to break up building areas. Some modular partitions are also fire rated. Stick-built cleanrooms are used in many industries and the determination of whether to go stick built or modular is typically done on a cost benefit analysis. Stick-built cleanrooms tend to have air delivery systems of ducted supply, ducted return or ducted supply and plenum return or sometimes fan filters (See descriptions of these systems under cleanroom air delivery types). HCC has delivered many stick-built cleanrooms over the years. We see a trend towards stick-built using modular components (See stick-built modular cleanrooms).

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