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Stick-Built Modular Cleanrooms

Stick-built modular cleanrooms are a combination between the stick-built approach and modular approach. The use of modular walls as either the primary perimeter or as a lining on a stick-built system allows the benefits of a stick-built approach creating a sealed perimeter to the cleanroom and a fire rated perimeter in many cases while using the cleaner less shedding surfaces of modular panels. In today’s market modular panels consist of various products including aluminum honeycomb panels with epoxy finishes and UPVC finishes both freestanding modular and ½” modular for stick application, laminate panels both solid and particle core, laminate panels including foam cores for structure, hard board with painted finish on foam panels, steel panels with epoxy finish and many others.

Stick-built modular cleanrooms combine these components along with the modular grid systems using the dry seal 2” aluminum or 1-1/2” aluminum system or a gel seal system using either modular plenums or field built plenums composed of the stick built perimeter wall. Or the use of the modular panels as a ceiling system to create a walk on mezzanine as well as a non shedding ceiling. Stick-built modular cleanroom cleanrooms tend to provide the benefits of the flexibility of the stick-built systems, cleanliness of the modular systems and cost effective construction.

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